Artistic heritage

Šibenik can be distinguished from the other Croatian cities near the coast, because it's considered to be founded by natives instead of Illyrians and ancient Romans. There are evidences of presences in the region since the XI century. The king Petar Krešmir IV was the first that has named it in a written document: today the town is known also as "City of Krešmir".

The magnificence of arts reflects local culture and dominations' influence followed during its history. You can easily appreciate Bribirska glavica and Skradona romana, the fortress of Šibenik, those of Saint Michael and Saint Jones Šubičevac, as well as fortresses of Knin and Saint Nichols. You will be surprised by the panorama, that you can see from the Šibenik's Saint Michael fortress where you can see the Krka river and the Adriatic sea.

The Šibenik's town hall is Croatian renascence architecture masterpiece and it was rebuilt after the second world war bombardment. Also in Croatian renascence style, the San James cathedral was built during the XV century by Venetian artisans using stone extracted from the Brač island and Korčula. It has been considered one of the most important work of famous Juraj Matejev Dalmatinac: Saint James is in the historical heritage list of UNESCO.

Also in the UNESCO, Primošten town was built in an island linked by bridges, that was fortified with walls and towers during the Turkish invasions time. After that the bridges were replaced with an embankment that transformed the island in a peninsula. The Primošten's beach is considered one of the nicest beach, it can be seen in Croatia.

Knin town hosts a Middle Ages fortress that overlook in the centre of city and it's linked with drawbridges. Moreover Knin is an important infrastructural node for the region.


During a Croatian journey, you have to visit the National Park of Kornati, that extents in the zadar region. Every sea-lover will enrapture by enchanting coves, by absolute silent, by stone and crystalline water. The Kornat island, the grater one, gives the name to the archipelago. A legend tell that "when God was creating the Earth, as crowning achievement of his work, he creates the Kornati islands with tears, stars and breath". Even George Bernard Show writer, after a look to the numerous islands, was struck by these suggestive places.

The National Park of Krka river is a comparable beauties, in fact it is an oasis of karstic rocks along the canyon of the river, that born from the Dinara mountain. In this luxuriant park you can admire a rich flora and fauna. It is interesting for ornithological studies, because there are a lot of birds and some rare species. The river has seven falls and the last one draws attention for dimensions and flow.

Visiting the park, it is mandatory a visit to Saint Archangel of Krka orthodoxly monastery and the Visovac franciscan convent. The monastery is dated back to the XV century and beyond the interiors Byzantine architecture, you can admire the Krka valley panorama. Inside you can find high artistic value icons, books, manuscript and liturgical vestment, too. Instead the franciscan convent is in the centre of a lake made by Krka river, but you can reach it using a boat from Skradinski Buk. Inside there are some italian paintings of the XVI and XVII century and the illustrated Aesop tales. Moreover there are other documents of the turkish occupation, as well as Vuk Mandušič saber death in a battle against the ottomans in the XVII century. As you can easily imagine the area near Krka is rich of prehistoric archaeological sites, but also a roman aqueduct protected as cultural heritage and a lot of middle ages ruins. Inside an ancient wind-mill there is an interesting ethnological museum.

In the park area is hosted also the only croatian centre for hawk training. During the visits, it is possible to see these magnificent predators to show their ability to fly and hunting strategy. Skradin is of 339 b.C. and it is a place where you can take a look to illyrians settlement ruins.

The islands in front of Šibenik region can be distinguished each from the other by a particularity: for example Zlarin has depths rich of corral, while the smaller Krapanji is famous for the presence of sponges.

Useful informations

Boats that starts from Šibenik reach the splendid islands of Kornati's archipelago, Zlarin, Prvic, Zirije, Krapanji and a lot of others.

Distances from important cities:

Primosten (25 km)
Murter (30 km)
Trogir (50 km)
Zadar (70 km)
Split (80 km)